Blackpool Show Report - 2012


The weather at Blackpool was milder than usual for the time of the year with the usual fresh wind at the sea front. The team members arrived at various times throughout the day up until midnight. This is due to the fact that the research team doctors are NHS doctors and have to finish their on duty commitments before travelling to the Show.


Dr Gavin Boyd,Medical director of the Trust Glasgow, Dr Stephen Bourke Newcastle Victoria Infirmary, Dr Ken Anderson Crosshouse hospital Kilmarnock all Consultant Respiratory Physicians. Nurse Jane Barrett, Dr Eve Rawlinson, Manchester, trainee doctors Katie Prentice Dundee University and Ken Ruddock Glasgow University, Dr Morven Morrison, Dr Gillian Short Crosshouse hospital . Dr PP Lynch Larbert. The research was administrated by Ken and Jane Boyd research coordiinators
We missed seeing Brian Mead former Committee chairman who sadly is recently deceased. Brian was a long time enthusiast and supporter of the Research Team may he rest in peace. Brians position has been taken over by Dave Trippet who is of the same mould ,congratulations Dave. The new General Manager Stewart Wardrope has slotted easily into his role and looked after all our needs, there is obviously a very experienced and efficient core of workers in both the Committee of the Show and the RPRA office who ensure that the' Show must go on' no matter what changes occur at senior level.
253 fanciers and family members attended the research stand over the weekend and went through the process of questionnaire, blood test, breathing tests, weight and height measurements and much counseling on preventative measures eg. - the use of a cap mask and coat when cleaning out and especially all of the time when with the birds if there is any significant degree of reaction to the pigeons. We remind the fanciers to check our website for further information. The average fancier's sons, daughters and grandchildren are usually the experts in computer skills and can do this for them. We continue to endorse the BHW Puramask which is subsidized, efficient, cheap and disposable.
We were pleased to see Alec Lothian former Trustee is still making process after his stroke and still racing his pigeons with the help of Sam McFadzen present Trustee and others. Kier Stainthorpe was again first through the research process on the Saturday morning and holds the record for prompt and regular attendance well done Kier. Alfred Micallef from Malta was a surprising and welcome visitor to the stand, I last saw Alfred some years ago in Belgium with Noel De Scheemacker he is doing well.


The Research Team were delighted and honoured to receive a cheque for £15,000 from the Show of the Year Committee for the research of pigeon lung. This donation continues to be our financial lifeline for which we are extremely grateful. The donation box at the Stand raised the sum of 406 pounds.
The team were pleased to witness the wonderful financial support the Show Committee give to pigeon and non pigeon charities and worthy causes. It really is a credit to the Fancy in the UK that the RPRA BHW Show of the Year continues to annually encourage and support these needy charities in the way they do, especially in the current economic situation.

On behalf of the Trustees and members of the BPFMRT team I thank the UK pigeon fanciers in general and the RPRA BHW Show of The Year Committee in particular for their continued cooperation and financial support without which we could not exist.
We wish all British fanciers and their families good health and every success in the 2012 racing season
Yours sincerely,

Dr PP Lynch, Chairperson, BPFMRT