Pigeon Fanciers Lung is caused through a sensitivity to pigeon protein, found either in the bloom or the droppings. To reduce the amount of protein inhaled and therefore the symptoms, a filtering face piece should be worn. Masks which filter particles and prevent them from reaching the lung should conform to the European Specification:

EN149:FFP1 (S) - Disposable Masks
EN143:1990 - Replaceable Filter Mask

There are many manufacturers that produce masks to this specification, below are some places where you can look at masks. Always check the specification with the manufacturer prior to purchase in case there have been any changes. BPFMR does not endorse or recommend any particular mask for legal reasons but the following websites may have information that is useful when selecting a protective mask.

Remember to ensure the mask is a good fit - if the seal is not perfect then you should find an alternative product.

To read more about masks and how the specific codes relate to your needs, see the website about dust masks.

If you're in any doubt about what you need, consult with your doctor and the supplier of your masks to ensure you have adequate protection.