Information About Pigeon Lung

The British Pigeon Fanciers Medical Research Team (BPFMR) has conducted studies on Fanciers in their lofts, shows and Marking Stations for over 25 years, with all the team having a deep interest in PFL, the allergy that affects pigeon fanciers. Pigeon bloom and droppings have been shown to be an important source of reaction for Pigeon Lung. Well over 10,000 blood samples have been checked and data is held on the reaction of over 2,500 Fanciers. An average of 5 blood samples per week arrive at the Biomedical Research Centre, Glasgow University, from various parts of the United Kingdom. As a service to the Fancy, any Fancier can have his blood checked for reaction to pigeons with the co-operation of his General Practitioner, Practice Nurse or Hospital Specialist. With this extensive database of information and years of experience, BPFMR are the leading experts in this field and are constantly striving for a greater understanding of the disease.

The Research provides a routine diagnostic service for several Health Trusts in the United Kingdom and the financial support of the British Fanciers enables this information to be made available to fanciers elsewhere in the world. Scientific details of the Research have regularly been published in National and International Journals to the present date. As well as assisting pigeon fanciers in keeping their pigeons whilst controlling the problem, an early benefit of the research was to be able to exclude a pigeon reaction as the cause of chest problems in some Fanciers. The research is ongoing and intense studies of the mechanisms of the allergic reaction in Pigeon Lung continue both in the clinic and in the laboratory.

The importance for sensitised Fanciers to wear a MASK, CAP and GOWN and even GOGGLES has been stressed since the earliest days of the Research, whenever they are with the pigeons - especially when cleaning out the loft and also at Shows and Marking Stations.

With many of the fancy being intimidated about discovering their level of sensitivity to pigeons and the associated consequences, the team have always made it clear that they will work wherever possible to help the fancy keep their pigeons. Keeping the Fancy informed has also been an important part of the work of BPFMR and this website should provide some basic information for anyone interested in finding out more, with some personal experiences in the articles page. A Question and Answer method of providing information for the Fanciers is based on the common, most important questions that have been asked.

The research team has been greatly encouraged over the years by the enthusiasm, co-operation and financial support of the Fancy throughout the United Kingdom. This co-operation has extended to many of the countries of Europe including Russia and to North America - wherever there are Pigeon Fanciers. BPFMR are indebted to the Trustees and the Honorary Accountant to the Trust for managing the financial affairs.