FAQs for GPs

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  • What is the test offered by BPFMR?
    • The test we offer is the same test as many GPs can offer locally called ‘pigeon IgG’. It’s done in an immunology panel or RAST allergy testing. Before the test was offered locally, it was routine for pigeon fanciers to send blood tests to us for testing but usually this is no longer necessary.
  • What is the feedback that the patient receives?
    • We are very clear to all pigeon fanciers that we do NOT perform a diagnosis and that samples are collected for research purposes - as part of this we offer the test through the fancier or GP themselves if it’s not available locally (though that is rare these days). The result we provide is only an indicator and allows the patient's own doctor to proceed with further investigations, if necessary.
  • What is in the pack that you send out?
    • We provide a basic readily available needle and syringe for blood collection as a courtesy. These may not necessarily be what most GPs/practice nurses routinely use. GPs/practice nurses may prefer to use their own practice supply of the more preferred ‘butterfly’ and ‘holder’ blood collection kit.