Blackpool Show Report - 2011


The Show of the Year was once again a very busy and successful research exercise. With bright sunshine and calm weather at Blackpool more than 20,000 fanciers enjoyed the Show.

In attendance were: -

Consultant Physicians Dr Gavin Boyd, Dr Ken Anderson and Dr Stephen Bourke also Dr Philip Lynch, Dr Eve Rawlinson, Dr Joyce Chew, Dr Chris Kueh, Dr Mark Lum, The four trainee doctors from Edinburgh and Glasgow University Medical Faculties were Chris Hansell, Manreek Basi, Clarke Russell and Ken Ruddock. The Research Coordinator Ken Boyd and assistants Jane Money and Mary Boyd administered the research session and completed the team. As the majority of the doctors in the team were only able to leave their NHS posts at the end of their working day they arrived late on the Friday evening at Blackpool in preparation for the busy weekend ahead.

The Research Stand was set up on the Friday and a robust research session ensued over the weekend. Altogether 313 fanciers went through the research process with questionnaire, body mass assessments ( height and weight ), blood samples and also the completion of a large number of lung function and breathing tests with much counselling of fanciers and their families involved. At the close of the Show on the first day Saturday, Dr Mark Lum quickly ( but safely ! ) headed back north with the fresh blood samples and delivered them to Dr Charlie McSharry the Teams consultant immunologist at his laboratory in the Biomedical Research Centre Glasgow University. These first day samples were processed overnight and the laboratory was again made ready for the 2nd day samples on the Sunday The computerised data gathering plan developed by coordinator Ken Boyd worked very smoothly, he was able to collect 125 individuals with e- mail addresses so that the process of dispatching the results for them will be much simpler and hopefully quicker. The Research Team continue to be encouraged by the cooperation, enthusiasm and support it receives from the many fanciers attending the Show, none more so than our friend Alex Lothian former Trustee who is still recovering from his stroke and coping admirably. We collected £324 in donations at the stand over the weekend.
Any pigeon fancier who was unable to attend Blackpool can have a test for pigeon lung by contacting us - the contact details are on our website

I was pleased to meet up with officials Tom Dawson, Dave Power and Rod Adams from the North East Homing Union and personally thank them for the cheque for £1,900 to the Research Team from the charity sale at their Southshields Show

We are extremely grateful for the continued support of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association and the British Homing World Show of the Year Committee. Brian Mead Committee Chairman and David Bills General Manager and staff as usual ensured all our needs were attended to. Their expertise and professionalism in running the Show and the high standard of service to the Fancy maintained by the RPRA at Blackpool each year, continues to be much appreciated by us and indeed many others in the UK and beyond. We were particularly pleased and honoured to receive a cheque for £ 15,000 from the Show Committee and also to witness the wonderful financial help the RPRA gives to non pigeon related charities and worthy causes - even more especially in these difficult financial times. It is true to say that the RPRA donation to the Research Team through their BHW Show Committee continues to be our main financial lifeline without which we could not survive. We gratefully thank them once again.

On behalf of the Research Team and the Trustees I would like to thank all our donors and supporters throughout the British Pigeon Fancy and wish them all good health and every success in the forthcoming 2011 Season.

Yours sincerely, Dr PP Lynch Chairperson BPFMRT

The team in Blackpool, 2011