Blackpool Show Report - 2010


The Research Team had a very successful Research session at the Show on the weekend of 15th- 17th Jan. 2010. More than 20,000 pigeon fanciers attended the Show despite the current economic recession and unfavourable weather conditions with heavy snow and freezing conditions throughout the UK. In fact the roads on arrival at Blackpool itself were clear and the sun was shining.

The Team

The Team in attendance were Dr Stephen Bourke Consultant Physician Newcastle Victoria Infirmary, Dr Ken Anderson consultant Physician Crosshouse Hospital Kilmarnock, Dr Charles McSharry Consultant Immunologist Biomedical Research Centre Glasgow University, Dr PP Lynch Larbert , Dr Katrina Weir Crosshouse Hospital, Medical students Ken Ruddock, Fraser Henderson Glasgow University, and James Brock Aberdeen University. Due to Dr Boyd's absence abroad, the team of Ken Boyd Research Coordinator, Allan Boyd and Kasia Smith administered the collection and recording of the research data.

The Weekend

Approximately 300 fanciers and some members of their families went through the research process with initial completing of the questionnaire form, measurements of height and weight followed by blood samples and breathing tests. The breathing tests this year were focussed on those fanciers and relatives who had clear respiratory symptoms and also those with a past history of respiratory investigations such as x-rays, scans, lung biopsies etc. Any fanciers on Statins , (cholesterol lowering medicaments ) were included in this focus group. Many queries were answered and much counselling given on Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis ( pigeon lung ). Dr McSharry was able to initiate the process of separation of the samples before delivering them to the Laboratory team in Glasgow on the Sunday evening for processing. The laboratory team and research coordinator are on target to get the results out to fanciers before the end of February. Any fancier who was unable to get to Blackpool can still have a blood test by phoning our research scientist Iona Donnelly at the Biomedical Research Centre Glasgow University tel.0141 330 1878 and get a special container to take to their GP to send us a blood sample for the test - more details on this are on our Website including Iona's e mail address which is - the quickest way to contact her.

As usual Brian Mead chairman and members of the Show committee and RPRA manager David Bills and staff attended to all our needs at the Show. Their expertise in running the Show is self evident, widely recognised and much appreciated by all British pigeon fanciers We are indebted to them for their enthusiasm efficiency and support. It was particularly pleasing to attend and be part of the young fanciers seminar and witness the initiatives being made by the RPRA to recruit ,encourage and inform young fanciers in the sport.
We were grateful and honoured to receive a cheque for £15,000 from the RPRA BHW Show of The Year Committee to continue the research on pigeon lung and to witness the wonderful financial support they continue to give to pigeon and non pigeon related charities and causes - a credit to the British Fancy in general and the RPRA BHW Show of The Year in particular. The donation continues to be our financial lifeline and ensures the ongoing research of remedies for pigeon lung, the continued free medical advice and support the Research Team is able to give to fanciers throughout the year and the continuation of the pigeon lung clinic at Kilmarnock by Dr Ken Anderson Cons. Physician a longstanding senior clinical member of the Team.

Thank you for your support!

On behalf of the Research Team and Trustees of the British Pigeon Fanciers Medical Research Trust, I would like to thank the RPRA BHW Show of The Year and all British pigeon fanciers for their financial support, cooperation and enthusiasm for the Research without which we would not exist We wish all of you good health and every success in 2010.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr PP Lynch Chairperson BPFMRT